Big Comparison: See 20 Top Rated Cell Phone Spyware Tested in 2022


Here is the list of all top rated cell phone spyware software’s that can be found on the market.
We at Phones spy have made the huge comparison of all spy features that are available depending on the software you use.

(Latest Guide Update, January 18, 2022)

Up-To-Date Comparison Chart



Top rated cell phone spyware tested software comparison

Top rated cell phone spyware software comparison


5 star phone spy software


Top rated spy software Runner-up Best buy
mSpy apk FlexiSpy App Highster-mobile-spy software Spyera-phone App SpySoul
mSpy Flexispy Highster Mobile Spyera Phone SpySoul


What cell phone spy software is the best for you? What spy features it has? What rating it has?

Phones Spy is the independent mobile spy source and we have made a comparison of all top spy software’s available on the market. The information’s were collected for years and now we would like to help you create the whole picture about spy software. So if you come to read the top rated cell phone spyware software’s review then you want to find out the answer to the question below.

Which spy software is the best for me?

The answer to this question isn’t so easy. All software’s have some advantage and disadvantage. In many cases, this disadvantage is the price but the most expensive spy app isn’t always the best one. There are many other factors that can affect your decision and here are some of them:

  • Spy features that software has.
  • Stability of the spy app.
  • Designed monitoring facilities.
  • Spy app is user-friendly ie. easy to use.

How should I pick the right one for me?

First of all, I would look into the rating. The rating that you can see in the Top rated Spyware programs comparison table has been given due to years of research. Some spy apps have an advantage because they have a long tradition which led them to exceptionally high quality. Here stands out Spyera phone.

Spyera phone is the software that has made by gathering experience. They have constantly upgraded their spy app and today they have one of the leading spy software on the market. On the other hand, this app is a bit more expensive. However this spy software has a very good rating, the app is stable and customers replays are always positive. So if you pick this spy software you won’t regret it.

On the other hand, FlexiSPY is also stable spy app with many unique spy features, it’s developer stands behind product quality and it is cheaper. They have very good customer support and give their best to provide their customer’s solution to all problems.

What solutions they provide?

The new innovative feature is remote installation service to our customers.
Now you can book a remote session with an experienced technician, who will root/jailbreak target mobile device and install FlexiSPY for you. This optional service costs $39.99, but I think that in some cases it worth a lot more.
Becaouse all of this I recomend this spy app as the BEST CELL PHONE SPY SOLUTION!

Another spy software’s with the highest rating are:

  • mSpy,
  • Highster Mobile,
  • SpySoul,

Why this software’s?

mSpy is software which has the very high rating from its users. Customer feedbacks are always positive. Designers of this product have made a great effort to create the stable and innovative app. What is innovative?

If you are looking for iPhone solution then mSpy is perfect for you. mSpy is the first app that can monitor iPhone which is not jailbroken and you don’t need to even have an access to the phone.

How is No-Jailbreak and no access solution possible?

It is as simple as possible. The only thing that customer need to do is to inputs the required Apple id and Password into the online panel and that’s it! The list of spy features is less but this is the only remote solution on the market.

Highster Mobile is today’s best-selling spy software and its characteristics are the good price and many of highly advanced spy features. This all makes this product BEST BUY mobile cell phone spying program on the market.

SpySoul is here because of monitoring facilities. We can’t talk about stability because it is not yet known on the market but we can talk about very advanced and powerful spy software. Also, customers choose this software because it allows you to reinstall it from one cell phone and install it on another unlimited number of times.

iSpyoo has all advanced spy features and also it has one feature that you can’t find anywhere on the market Multi Devices (3 devices) feature. Also, It is new and we can’t talk about stability so I don’t recommend it as the good solution.

Rank 7 to 17 Phone spy software

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Easy Spy Pro

Easy Spy Pro



Mobile spy

Mobile spy







Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble







Ox mobile spy

Ox mobile spy


Why we give lower rank to other spy software’s?

There are many reasons why we give other software’s lower ranks. Some of them are…

  • advance features,
  • customers feedbacks,
  • price,
  • app stability

… and also if some similar concurrent product is better choice than this one. Some products like Phone Sheriff have great monitoring facilities. This app is also very stable and all feedbacks are positive but it has lack of advance spy features. Why is that so?

Designers of this product have made the great effort to make this app for parent and business control. This tool has unique and innovative features which make it special. Also, mSpy is the better solution and if you need the app for parent control then the great choice for you would be mSpy not PhoneSheriff.

Which spy software’s not to choose?

When you go to some web page and see great software description. Also, it has all advance as well as needed features and you think this is it. This software is perfect!!!
This is something that you should not need to do because maybe this app…

  • is not stable,
  • work with only some phones,
  • have no support

… and also many more. Software’s with lower ratings are there with reason. This are software’s that Phones spy site does not advice you to buy.


Which software’s have lifetime license duration?

Software’s with lifetime license durations are:

  • HiGhster Mobile,
  • SpySoul,
  • Easy Spy,
  • ImobiSpy
  • Spymaster.

Here are two software’s with high rating Highster Mobile and SpySoul. The reason for that are spy features and stability. ImobiSpy have less spy features and Spymaster isn’t as stable as it should be.

Which spy software with lifetime license duration is first customer choice?

The first choice on the marker is Highster Mobile Spy. With the features that are provided to users, the price that is lower than other concurrent products and lifetime license duration this spy app is today best buy spy software. In our cell phone spy software comparison article, we would also like to give you full information’s about other concurrent products.

What are advantages of other lifetime license duration spy software’s?

SpySoul is more powerful, have more spying features and it allows you to reinstall and install software on another device an unlimited number of times. This is the feature that is innovative and it will be a good solution if target change it’s cell phone device because you can easily move spy software to the new device.

Easy Spy has fewer spy features but it is stable and the price is low. If you are satisfied with its spy features it can a good spying choice.

ImobiSpy has all basic features and it is not expensive. This spy software is not yet known on the market and that is the reason why people don’t use it and also it is not stable and in many cases, it does not work as it should.

Spymaster is very powerful and inexpensive but it is not stable and in many cases, it does not work as it should.


Spy smartphones

Spy smartphones


What else should I know about mobile spy software’s?

Spy software’s are used for of course spying. But is there something that I should know about it first?

The answer is yes. In order to spy target mobile activities, you will have to download and install an app on it first. There is no other stable and better way to spy someone cell phone.
Many times people don’t know that the android phone in many cases has to be rooted in order to work. Every spy software which enables you to monitor Facebook, Viber etc. must be rooted.

For more information’s about root process and how to do it right check our root article:

More information -> How to Root Android Cell Phone

Also, iPhone must be jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a harmless procedure that will allow you to install applications from various sources in addition to those found in the Apple Store.

There is also a way to monitor Android phones without being rooted and iPhones without being jailbroken.

Make sure that spy software supports your mobile platform.

All spy software’s are uploading information’s on your online control panel ie. software owner servers and in order to do that the target phone must have the internet connection. Or at least it has to be connected sometimes that information’s can be uploaded. Top rated cell phone spyware support Android and iOS-based devices and FlexiSPY and Spyera Phone supports Blackberry and Symbian OS too.


My final words – Top rated cell phone spyware

There is the various cell phone spy software’s on the market. To extract the best is impossible because 99% spy software’s do what they are designed for ie. spy target phone. Perfect software for you is the one that satisfies your criteria like…

  • spy features,
  • spy software price,
  • designed monitoring facilities,
  • easy to use

… and much more. However from the top-ranked list of the spy software’s, I would like to say that FlexiSPY is the best one, mSpy is the best no jailbreak solution, and Highster Mobile is the best buy solution. Also, note that this list can be different from person to person.

Phones spy understand how hard is to find good articles and spy software reviews on the Internet and that is why we create this top cell phone spy software review. We hope that our review was useful and that you will find top rated cell phone spyware you are looking for.

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  1. Can I see other phone without any softwere download in thier phone.?

    • Hi,

      If you want to use features like social media & IM chats tracking than all spy software will root permissions from the target phone.

      However, mSpy has keylogger feature which will take the content of the messages. More about mSpy and keylogger feature here:

      Also, If you don’t want to root the target phone I recommend FlexiSPY which will allow you to monitor a lot of features. FlexiSPY non-rooted target phone features:
      -Call Log
      -Browser Activity
      -Application Activity
      -Installed Application
      -Address Book
      -Call Recording
      -Ambient Recording
      -Remote Camera
      -Spoof SMS
      -SIM Change Notification

      More about FlexiSPY here:

      Technical Support Representative
      Phones Spy

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