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Top 5 reasons why to buy iSpyoo mobile cell phone spy software

  • iSpyoo is 100% undetectable as well as untraceable cell phone spy software.
  • With this stealth spy software you will be able to protect your children, business and also learn all hidden target person secrets.
  • He have lots new and advance spy features which makes him good for professional spy tool.
  • This spy application supports all smartphones, major operating systems (Android & iOS) and network providers.
  • This spy software provide you opportunity to abandon old methods of spying and move on to new, innovative, completely undetectable way of spying with iSpyoo mobile cell phone spy software.

What is iSpyoo?

iSpyoo is innovative 100% undetectable as well as untraceable mobile cell phone spying software. It provide their users all new powerful spy features for remotely watching target person hidden activities. In order to start monitor secret target person activities you will need to install app on the target phone. The installation is fast, easy and takes a few minutes.

The person who install this software on the target phone is able to have real-time full control over the target persons intentions. This spy app is also designed as a innovative, comfortable and user-friendly app which makes it easy to use even to the beginners and unskilled users.

iSpyoo developers have designed this spy app as very powerful surveillance spy software. There are three versions of this spy app:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Gold

Standard is a basic versions with all basic spy features but it cost a less then other two versions. Premium have some new spy features and it should be powerful enough for private use. The last version is Gold. This is powerful as well as advance spy tool which will provide their users all need features for complete control over the target person mobile cell phone. This version will provide you great spying satisfaction.

This id powerful and advanced app which provide their users remotely and undetectable as well as untraceable spying abilities. This app provide you with all needed spy features for watching target phone hidden activities. The creators of this app have made an effort to create for their users innovative, comfortable and user-friendly interface. That makes this software easy to use even to beginners and unskilled users.

In order to start monitor hidden target phone activities you will need to install app on the target mobile cell phone. Special advance stealth feature will make this software impossible to detect for the target phone owner. After that all target phone informations will be automatically upload to your secure online user control panel.

Why would I use iSpyoo?

Most of the customers use this application because of its spying abilities. You can use this software to spy Teenage kids, Spouse or Company members. With this spy software you will know their every move because it will extract all hidden activities as they happen so deleting of the SMS or some social network messages won’t help the target person because it will still be visible to you on the secure online control panel. You will be able to see all extracted informations whenever you want because it can be located on your secure online control panel.
Here are some reasons why you should use iSpyoo software:

  • Target person cellphone is always on silent mode.
  • Target person SMS messages are immediately deleted.
  • Target person always keeps their phone close to them.
  • Target person they leave the room when someone calls them.
  • Target person they unusually feels jumpy when someone calls them.

So if you have some doubts in someone honesty iSpyoo is nice, powerful and completely invisible way to reveal the truth.

What other users say about software?

Positive feedback by it user is always welcome. We gets many positive users feedback about this spy software. Users say that this spy app have many abilities and what is most important it help them to reveal the truth. Here are some testimonials:

Parent problem

You never truly understand the meaning of the word “worry” until you become a parent. Our kids think that they are adults and can do whatever they want – I want to believe they are mature, but their actions only bring doubt.

Malisa Bonso

Employee problem

I caught my employee cheating and sharing our client lists with competitors. Thanks to iSpyoo, I had emails, BBM conversations and meeting records plus I knew exactly whom they were visiting and when due to iSpyoo’s cell phone tracking capabilities.

Adam Huston

iSpyoo Buy

If you want to start monitoring someone activities, the first thing that you need to do is to buy iSpyoo. You can choose between Standard, Premium and Gold version. You will choose the right version depending on the features you need.

Where can I buy iSpyoo? You can buy this app on the top of the web page by pressing on ‘Buy now’ button. After that you will be redirect to secure Avangate order page where you will need to fill all needed order informations.

iSpyoo installation

iSpyoo installation is fast and easy. The installation process takes 3-5 minutes and this spy software can be installed on all smartphones. To install this application you will need to have physical access to the target phone. Also iPhone must be jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a harmless procedure that will allow you to install applications from various sources in addition to those found in the Apple Store. There is many free sources on Internet how to jailbreak iPhone.

iSpyoo compatibility

iSpyoo is compatible with major devices like Android and iPhone. This software support all Android phones and tablets. Some supported Android devices:

  • Samsung,
  • Motorola,
  • and all others.

Android supported OS: 2.1/2/3, 3.0/1/2, 4.0/1/2.

For Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510
Samsung Google Nexus S I9023
Samsung T939 Behold 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro
Samsung I997 Infuse 4G
Samsung I9295 Gala
Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL
Samsung Galaxy S 4G
Samsung Gravity SMART
Samsung Galaxy Apollo
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
Samsung M130L Galaxy U
Samsung Admire
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Telus
Samsung Galaxy 551
Samsung 5027
Samsung i897 Captivate
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy Pop i559
Samsung Galaxy Win
Samsung Galaxy S II LTE
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G
Samsung I909 Galaxy S
Samsung Google Nexus S
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S(Samsung I9008 Galaxy S)
02-Samsung Galaxy Express
Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Galaxy Pop
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G LTE
Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo
Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy Music
Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE
Samsung Galaxy Spica
Samsung Exhibit 4G
Samsung Galaxy M Pro
Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G
Samsung Galaxy Camera
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G
Samsung Galaxy S II 4G
Samsung Intercept (Samsung M910)
Samsung M580 Replenish
Samsung Illusion
Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Trend II Duos
Samsung Stratosphere
Samsung Dart
Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung DoubleTime
Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica
Samsung Behold 2
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3
Samsung Replenish
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Samsung Exhibit 4G (Samsung Hawk)
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit
Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800
Samsung Exhibit II
Samsung M110S Galaxy S
Samsung Captivate Glide
Samsung Mesmerize i500
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung 4G LTE
Samsung Droid Charge (Samsung Inspiration)
Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10
Samsung Epic 4G (Samsung Galaxy S Pro)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos
Samsung Galaxy R
Samsung Galaxy BEAM
Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung Transfix
Samsung Galaxy Premier
Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung Continuum
Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus
Samsung Intercept
Samsung I6500U Galaxy
Samsung R910 Galaxy Indulge(Samsung Forte)
Samsung Transform
Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab WiFi
Samsung Galaxy Gio
Samsung Mesmerize
Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung Showcase
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
Samsung M920 Transform
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung I927 Galaxy S II
Samsung Acclaim (Samsung R880)
Samsung Galaxy 5
Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5
Samsung Google Nexus S 4G
Samsung Rugby Smart
Samsung Fascinate
Samsung Galaxy Axiom
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy W
Samsung Conquer 4G
Samsung Continuum I400
Samsung Fascinate (Samsung Galaxy S CDMA)
Samsung Google Nexus S I9020A
Samsung I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani
Samsung Droid Charge
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Samsung Galaxy 580
Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Star
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung Repp
Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung alaxy Xcover
Samsung Moment
Samsung M130K Galaxy K
Samsung Galaxy Portal
Samsung Transform Ultra
Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Samsung Galaxy Indulge
Samsung Galaxy Reverb
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5
Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10
Samsung Galaxy
Stratosphere II
Samsung Galaxy Stellar
Samsung Captivate
Samsung Exhilarate
Samsung M220L Galaxy Neo
Samsung Galaxy S 2 Function
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2
Samsung Galaxy Discover
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy Prevail
Samsung Galaxy Ace Advance
Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus
Google Nexus 10
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung Galaxy SL
Samsung Galaxy K
Samsung I100 Gem
Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung I9103 Galaxy R (Samsung Galaxy Z)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE
Samsung W999
Samsung Galaxy 550
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy U
Samsung Galaxy A
Samsung Galaxy 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10
Samsung I7500 Galaxy
Samsung DoubleTim
Samsung M900 Moment
Samsung Galaxy Rush
Samsung Galaxy Tab CDMA
Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5
Samsung Galaxy mini 2
Samsung Galaxy Neo
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10
Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy Appeal
Samsung Galaxy S II T Mobile
Samsung M190 Galaxy S Hoppin
Samsung Galaxy Q
Samsung Galaxy Tab T Mobile
Samsung Intercept (Moment 2)
Samsung I8520 Galaxy Beam
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung Galaxy chat

For Motorola

Motorola XT532
Motorola Heron
Motorola Quench XT5 XT502
Motorola DROID X
Motorola XPRT
Motorola RAZR MAXX
Motorola MOTO XT882
Motorola RAZR i
Motorola XT800
Motorola FIRE XT311
Motorola Droid Bionic Targa
Motorola RAZR D1
Motorola MOTO XT316
Motorola Milestone (CDMA)
Motorola MOTO ME525
Motorola XT760
Motorola XT800 ZHISHANG (Motorola GLAM)
Motorola DROID
Motorola BRAVO MB520
Motorola QUENCH (Motorola CLIQ)
Motorola A1260
Motorola Photon Q
Motorola SPICE Key XT317
Motorola QUENCH
Motorola DEFY XT535
Motorola DROID X2
Motorola MILESTONE XT720
Motorola SPICE Key
Motorola Devour
Motorola Milestone XT883
Motorola DROID PRO XT610
Motorola DROID Pro
Motorola Sage
Motorola XT928
Motorola MT917
Motorola RAZR XT910
Motorola DROID 2
Motorola MOTO MT620
Motorola XT301
Motorola FlipOut
Motorola T810
Motorola A1680
Motorola DROID Mini
Motorola DEFY
Motorola ATRIX TV
Motorola Cliq 2
Motorola MOTO XT615
Motorola PRO
Motorola CHARM
Motorola MOTO XT702
Motorola MOTO MT716
Motorola Defy Pro
Motorola ATRIX 2
Motorola XT390
Motorola MT810 OPhone
Motorola Droid Ultra
Motorola Motosplit
Motorola Kobe (MB520)
Motorola Bravo
Motorola Photon Q 4G
Motorola Calgary
And all other smartphones.

iSpyoo for tablets

Dell Streak 7
Karbonn Smart Tab 2
Huawei IDEOS S7
Micromax Funbook Pro
Asus Transformer Pad
Asus Transformer
Alcatel One Touch
Huawei MediaPad
Karbonn Smart Tab 7
LG Optimus Pad
Motorola XOOM
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8
Sony Xperia Tablet Z WiFi
Sony Xperia Tablet Z LTE
Acer Iconia Tab B1

For iPhone

iPhone and iPad supported iOS: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0.
List of supported iPhones:
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C

Software compatible networks

Software is currently compatible with these and all other cell phone service providers world wide as long as they offer unrestricted GPRS Internet Access.



Software features

iSpyoo Basic software have this features:

iSpyoo spy features
Standard Premium Gold
Look at current GPS location
Look at location history
Hide Location Service Indicator
View Sent / Received SMS / iMessage
View Deleted SMS / iMessage
View call history
View call deleted history
Time of the call
Auto Answer
View web browser history
View WhatsApp, Facebook Chats
Access through online control panel
Send SMS Commands
Send SMS Commands
Sim Card changed notification
TraceYou application
Multi Devices (3 devices)
Auto upgrade remotely
Export logs (Excel/CSV)
Support 24/7
Reply within 4 hours
Money back guarantee 05 days
View Contacts history
Get access to photos
View Viber chats
View Yahoo chats
View Apps usage history
Watch videos files
Memos Voice history
Ambient Voice Recording
View Notes history
Incoming / Outgoing E-mails
External Email Services
Key Logger


Does iSpyoo work?

iSpyoo mobile spy software work. People all around the world who use this spy application are very satisfy and they recommended this spy software to everyone.

How does iSpyoo work?

It works by extracting target phone informations completely undetectable and it uploading them on your secure online control panel real-time.

First you need to purcase software by simply clicking on any BUY NOW button. Then you will need to install spy application on the target phone and after that all target phone secret informations will be visible only to you on your online control panel.


Software description


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