Track mobile phone like secret services do without a need to root or jailbreak a cell phone

How to track mobile cell phone without installing app? With mSpy tracking app.


“My son sends and recieves more than 1000 text messages every week! mSpy sent copy of them to my Email! Very good app! Very reliable. A must for responsible parent!”Sarah, Dallas, TX mSpySarah, Dallas, TX mSpy



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• Top 5 reasons why mSpy is top selling cell phone spy software
• What is mSpy?
• Why would I use mSpy?
• What users say about mSpy?
• Compatible operating systems, phones and networks
• mSpy features
• mSpy basic, premium and desktop package comparison
• mSpy view demo and how it works?
• How to install mSpy?
• mSpy support and contact
• mSpy did you know?
• Even more information – Developer webpage


Top 5 reasons why mSpy is top selling cell phone spy software

  • It allows you to have a real-time control of any unwanted behavior with mSpy tablet and cell phone software.
  • It allows you to have remote access on text messages, call logs, and emails; GPS location, and more on smartphones and tablets.
  • This software provide you the best way to access iPhone or iPad tracked activities! You don’ t need to have physical access and no jailbreak required.
  • Protects your kids and from online and offline dangers.
  • Secure your business by installing mSpy app on company-owned devices. You will find out what your employees are doing while on the clock.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is user – friendly application that provides you innovative and advance way to have a real-time access on target cell phone use. The person, who installed this application on the target phone, can view all activity which are recorded 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Software is also a cost – effective solution to your problems. This software can use everyone (from unskilled to highly experienced users) and it is one of the most popular phone spy software on the market. Why is that so?
The mSpy is the only software on the market that does not require jailbreaking of the iPhone. Also you don’t need to have physical access. The mSpy designers has achieved that through online control panel and all you need to do is to input the required Apple id and Password into the online panel.
What is with Android monitoring? Does I need to root Android phones?
With mSpy you can monitor Android phones that are not rooted. That is achieved with Keylogger feature. The Keylogger is the one-fits-all solution for any means of text communication. All logs are accessible to you remotely from your Control Panel.

No root? – Keylogger is nearly as good!
Keylogger is the one-fits-all solution for any means of text communication, and it has no risk of breaking privacy of the target person’s interlocutor.

Being a digital product, this software is delivered electronically. No shipping fees!!!



mSpy - from $8.33/month

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Why would I use mSpy?

This software can use everyone from unskilled to highly experienced users. Here are some reasons why would you use this software:

  • for children,
  • for business.


With mSpy it’s possible to instantly monitor and track your child mobile phone use. You will be able to locate them whenever you want, see where they have been, make sure they are not involved any prohibited activities and also you will be able to take full control of what’s going on in your home. With this software you can instantly detect any harmful situation and put an end to it.


mSpy software gives employers a much better way to monitor their employees to make sure their employees are being productivity and honest. Also prevent the risks of data leaks or any undesirable behavior. Just download software and keep track on all activities on employees company-owned phones. Remove all your doubts using one of the top sophisticated and world wide best known tracking application mSpy.

mSpy uses

mSpy uses

What users say about software?

This is story of the mSpy customer who explain how this software helped him and his parents prevent his younger brother from getting into trouble. With this parent app you can do a lot of staff like Control Apps and Programs, Intercept Instant Messages like Facebook and etc., Monitor Internet Use, Track GPS Location and many more what makes this app one of the best parent control software on the market. If you thing that mSpy isn’t good for parents check this video:
mSpy is a perfect choice for worried parents

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Another story about mSpy app which is also a perfect tool for monitoring your employees. It will keep track of their productivity as well as secure your business from data leak.

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Software Features

Software have many features:

Cell Phone Monitoring Abilities
Manage Calls
Monitor calls
Incoming Calls Restriction
Track text messages
Sent SMS
Received SMS
Read emails
Incoming E-mails
Outgoing E-mails
Track GPS Location
Current GPS Location
Monitor Internet Use
Browsing History
Website Bookmarks
Blocking Websites
Wi-Fi Networks
Access Calendar and Address Book
Calendar Activities
Read Instant Messages
Social Network
Control Apps and Programs
Installed Applications
Application blocking
View Multimedia Files
Remote Control
Device Wipeout
Device Locking
Additional Device Info
Control Panel
Analyze It
Comprehensive Reports
mSpy Features

mSpy Features

SPY on Calls

With this cell phone monitoring software you can view all calls and their duration. Also you can view how many calls it received/made and if the number is stored with a name in phone memory you can see name of person who received/made call. Software also provide you the possibility to remotely restrict calls calls from all unwanted numbers. You can block numbers from your secure online Control Panel.

SPY on Text Messages

This spy software lets you read all text and multimedia messages. It records the content of incoming/sent messages so you can see it whether message is deleted or not and of course if the number is stored with a name in phone memory you can see name of person who sent/receive message.

SPY on Emails

This software provide you the possibility to read all incoming/sent emails.

Track GPS Location

This tracking software can precisely show you GPS location of phone you are tracking. It is an excellent way to find out whether your child is in school or elsewhere. The application also provide you new innovative feature Geo-Fencing. With this feature you will be able to set unlimited number of allowed and forbidden zones. Whe the tracked phone enter in that zone you will receive email notifications about each zone entrance or/and exit, view the history of device movements and also you will be able to see how often each zone is visited.

Monitor Internet Use

With this software you are able to see all URLs of website that were visited by the user of the phone. Also you are able to see bookmarked websites and when is each visited, block inappropriate websites and Track down the accurate location, name of a wireless access point and also on innovate and remotely way you can prevent cell phone user to establishing Wi-Fi connections.

Access Calendar and Address Book

With this application feature you can see every contact entered into the phone address book and you can also see phone calendar.

Intercept Instant Messages

This spy software can record activities from some popular communication apps like Skype or iMessage. This is good way to find out how often your employee visit pages like Facebook. Instant Messages that are monitored:

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • iMessage
  • Social Network (Facebook and etc.)
  • Viber
  • Snapchat

Control Apps and Programs

Application allows you to see what apps and programs the target phone has installed, view all keyboard strokes made on the monitored phone and also you are able to allow or block cell phone apps.

View Multimedia Files

With this app feature you can secretly see photos and videos that have been saved on the phone.

Remote Control

If you have some data on the phone that you don’t want others know then this feature is very interesting for you. Software allows you to erasing phone data or locking the device.

How to install mSpy?

First of all you need to purchase application. When you purchase application you will receive email with your password.

Second step is to log into your Control Panel and then select the operating system of the target mobile device. Now you can install mSpy software on the target mobile device.

How to install mSpy on Android phones

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How to install mSpy on iPhone?

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After installing software on target mobile device you need to dial the combination code which you get from wizard.

If everything was fine you will be able to view the first logs. Finally from now on you will be able to view all activities on target phone in your private account any time you want.

Of course installation depending on the operating system of the target phone and if you have any question just login to your Control Panel and select help where you will find guidelines for specific operating system.


mSpy compatibility
mSpy is compatible with:

  • iOS,
  • Android,
  • iPhone,
  • BlackBerry,
  • Windows,
  • Mac OS.

World top popular models that are supported:

Supported iOS:
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPad Air 2
iPhone 4
iPad mini 3
iPhone 3GS
iPad Air
iPad mini 2
iPad mini
iPad 4
iPad 3

Supported Android:
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S III
Galaxy S4 mini
Galaxy S III mini
Optimus L4
Optimus L3 E405
Optimus L7 P700
Optimus L6
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Grand
Galaxy Ring
EVO Design 4G
Galaxy Note 3
Xperia E

Supported BlackBerry:
Bold 9700
Pearl 3G 9100
Storm 9500
8830 World Edition
Bold 9000
Bold 9650
Bold 9780
Curve 3G 9300
Curve 3G 9330
Curve 8300
Curve 8310
Curve 8320
Curve 8330

Supported Windows:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

Supported Mac OS:
Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard
Mac OS 10.7 Lion
Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Completely invisible

Impossible to spot it
If someone install this cell phone spy software on your phone you can’t spot it because it runs quietly in the background.

There are some proofs:

  • Unlike other software, mSpy manages to make the application work without SMS orders that appear in the message folder of the target mobile device.
  • The amount of the activity data that is uploaded to the server are never upload more than 100kb and doesn’t get spotted by the owner.
  • Doesn’t slow the device.
  • There is no pop-ups, alerts or notifications.

So it is impossible for the owner of the target phone to detect the software


mSpy Control Panel

mSpy Control Panel

Control Panel

There you can see captured SMS, call Logs, e-mail and GPS location information. Control Panel can be accessed at:

When you purchase is completed you will receive a welcome email letter with the login details to your private account. There you will be able to monitor the activity on the target phone.

mSpy view demo and how it works?

YouTube video

mSpy current customer Chadwick is explaining in detail how this software should be installed on Android phone fast and easy.

Here you can see demo, and explore on your own how it works.

mSpy support and contact

mSpy support and contact

mSpy did you know?

20% teenagers try drugs before the age of 16

16% of rape victims are under the age of 18

8% of high school students report having attempted suicide

16% of parents know their child has suffered from cyber bullying

32% of online teenagers report having been targets of potentially menacing online activities.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, nearly 75% of employees steal from the workplace!

Employee theft brings about one third of bankruptcies in the USA.

20 cents of every dollar earned by a U.S. Company is stolen by employees.

1 out of every 30 retail employees is taken into custody for theft at the workplace.

7% of large companies’ annual revenue is being lost to fraud!

60% of inventory losses are brought about by employees.

It takes about two years to reveal workplace fraud.


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