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Spymaster:  Basic license Spymaster:  Pro license
Licence duration:  lifetime Licence duration:  lifetime
Buy now – USD $49.95  Buy now – USD $84.95 



Top 5 reasons why to use Spymaster Pro cell phone spy software

  • It provides you one of the safest and most secured monitoring system which work in stealth mode so it is undetectable to target phone user.
  • Spymaster Pro team has designed this software to be easy to use as well as easy to install. The installation takes 2- 4 minutes and all activities are upload to your secure online account.
  • It is completely user-friendly cell phone application with great user interface.
  • It is recommended to everyone who want to track or monitor someone hidden activities so you no longer need to bother yourself what they are up to because you will know everything.
  • It is powerful and advance software for people who want inexpensive way to protect their loved ones from dangers and secure their business from unwanted behavior of your employees.

What is Spymaster Pro?

Spymaster Pro is one of the safest and most secured monitoring system which work in stealth mode so it is undetectable to target phone user. This is powerful and advance software provided by the Spymaster specialists in the field of tablet and mobile phone tracking solutions.

This software is designed to be help for the people who have doubts and want to reveal the truth. Spymaster teams have designed two types of this product Spymaster Pro (with additional features) and Spymaster Basic. After you finished your purchase it will be provided to you your account details like a unique license number, username and password. One licence key is only for one phone and duration of licence is lifetime.

Why would I use Spymaster Pro?

Spymaster Pro is compatible with most smart phones. This software is designed by specialists to be professional spy software for monitoring and tracking all hidden activities of the target phone.

This software is also a user-friendly application with great user interface which can use everyone from unskilled to highly experienced users.

The satisfied customers all around the world who use this product recommended it to everyone and they give positive feedback of software stability and monitoring abilities.

So if you want an inexpensive solution for your doubts use this software.

Spymaster Pro Compatibility

Software runs on:

  • The Android with a 1.0 to 4.3 Jelly Bean,
  • The iPhone OS 2.x to 6.x,
  • The Window 5.x to 8.x,
  • The Symbian S60 2nd edition, S60 3rd edition To 5th Edition, Symbian OS.

Spymaster Pro Supported phones

Android Supported Phones
Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Galaxy Core Duos
Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung Grand Quattro
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy Win
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
Samsung Galaxy 6.3
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Note 2
Samsung S3
Samsung S4
HTC Desire
HTC One X++
HTC Desire VC
HTC Desire V
HTC Desire C
HTC Desire SV
HTC Desire U
HTC Butterfly
HTC Chacha
Sony Xperia P
Sony Xperia M
Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony Xperia Z
Xperia Ray
Xperia ARC S
Xperia U
Xperia J
Xperia E
LG Optimus L9
LG Optimus G

iPhone Supported Phones
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5

BlackBerry Supported Phones
BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold Touch
BlackBerry Curve 8500
BlackBerry Curve 8530
BlackBerry Curve 8900
BlackBerry Curve 9220
BlackBerry Curve 9320
BlackBerry Curve 9330
BlackBerry Curve 9350
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9370
BlackBerry Curve Apollo
BlackBerry Porsche 9981
BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry Storm 9520
BlackBerry Storm 9530
BlackBerry Torch 9810
BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry Z10

Windows Supported Phones
Nokia 710
Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Lumia 521
Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 720
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 808
Nokia Lumia 810
Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia Lumia 1020
Windows Phone 8S by HTC
Windows Phone 8X by HTC

Symbian Supported Phones
Nokia E5
Nokia E7
Nokia E71
Nokia N8
Nokia N79
Nokia N95
Nokia N97
Nokia X6

Software features

Spymaster basic features gives you ability to track basic target phone activities. If you want more improved and advanced spy software with aditional powerfull features then you will need Spymaster Pro spy software.

Spymaster features:

Calls Tracking

  • Call Listening
  • Call Recording
  • Call Logs

SMS Tracking

  • See Inbox Text Messages
  • See Deleted Messages

Email Tracking

  • Read Emails
  • IM Tracking

Photo Tracking and Multimedia

  • View Images
  • View Videos

GPS Location Tracking

  • Location Points
  • Check The Location

Phone Book & Calendar Access

  • Contact Details
  • Calendar Details

Surround Listening

  • Listen Surrounding Of The Phone

Spy Chats

  • WhatsApp Tracking
  • Facebook Messenger Tracking
  • Viber Tracking

Spymaster Basic features.

Spymaster Basic features:
Call Tracking
Spymaster Basic allows you to see all call logs.
Sms Tracking
Track all incoming/outgoing messages.
GPS Location Tracking
On Google Map you will be able to see target phone location and places where the target cell phone stops by.
Email Tracking
See all incoming and outgoing mails.
Phone Book Access
With Spymaster Basic you are able to see all phone numbers that are stored in target phone memory.
URL Tracking
Track all website URLs that the target phone visited.
Photo/Video Tracking
Spymaster Basic keeps a track of all target phone photos and videos (sent/received).

Spymaster Pro features:

Spymaster Pro features:
Call Tracking
This software allows you to see all call logs.
Sms Tracking
Track all incoming/outgoing messages.
GPS Location Tracking
On Google Map you will be able to see target phone location and places where the target cell phone stops by.
Email Tracking
See all incoming and outgoing mails.
Phone Book Access
With this cell phone spy software you are able to see all phone numbers that are stored in target phone memory.
URL Tracking
Track all website URLs that the target phone visited.
Photo/Video Tracking
This spy software keeps a track of all target phone photos and videos (sent/received).
Call listening
Cell phone spy software call listening feature allows you to hear and record conversations.
Surround listening
This software gives you ability to turn on target phone microphone and secretly listen/record target phone surrounding.
Viber Tracking
Software viper tracking feature allows you to see viber chat logs, user call, send/recived photos and its date and time.
This feature is allowed on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
WhatsApp Tracking
Track WhatsApp conversation, shared photos/videos and their date and time.
Facebook Messenger Tracking
This spy software track all Facebook activities with their time and date.


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  1. Bought this a few weeks ago, have still not received the software to download, despite lots of emails. I need the link to the blackberry app to install!

  2. Think twice. I bought the program and found out that the installation is very difficult and no support. I have an iphone and though they say no jail break required i needed to anyways I asked for a refund and have seen nothing yet. That was 6 months ago. I’m
    Very disappointed with their service and complete lack of support. Do think again before making this purchace

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t trust anything from Netzens Softech or Avangate ever again. I ordered the iMobiSpy app. back in July and never received the product, just a confirmation e-mail from them saying that they “..recieved my payment and the order was still being processed”. I waited at least 2 weeks. $75 gone down the drain for nothing. Luckily my bank was cool about it and let me dispute the charge, completely refunding me for this scam. 3 months later, Avangate is still haggling me and my bank over something that they never delivered and they’re quite adamant about it too as if they’re some sort of legitimate business and reputable company. I have the e-mails and receipts to prove it. So, I know better from now on to just not ever deal with them again.

      Good luck to you and everyone else who gets taken by these losers.

  3. need to know how to install spymaster pro on a windows Nokia Lumia 1020

  4. thinking about buying spymaster pro need to know how to install it on a windows Nokia Lumia 1020

  5. Anyone have the download link?they refuse to reply my mails. N I’ve paid for the programme already.

    • Ya not a good purchase i too have had issues asked for refund. None forthcoming. Good luck

  6. Try to login and it refused to accept my information.And as usual, no one will help.But guess what? they are still selling the product, and you will get a quick reply when buying this none-working product.The company Avangate is in on the scam too, but they will tell you that,” they just collect your money”, they are not a part of spymaster.Yea right.

  7. I have a very big problem.. I bought this product .. And I have an email from avangate saying that I bought it .. But I don’t know how to install it.. As I didn’t get the the installation email yet … Please help .. I want to dowlownd it on an android samsung galaxy note2

  8. hi, nokia lumia 900 and 920 mobile phone spyware progam I’m looking for. my phone with windows 7 operating system. Does the spy program Nokia lumia?

  9. Não estou conseguindo instalar o spymasterpro em um nokia lumia 820 windows phone. VoCê pode me dar o passo a passo.
    Pois, o suporte não responde.grato

  10. Juraj Konfa. You seem to be able to help everyone else with their issues on installing the APK file, but have no input as to why i have these issues with the rooted galaxy s3. This is not an installation problem for, but the fact that after installation, the program does not deliver as promised.Any explanation as to why?

  11. I too have had issues with poor support service
    You need to jail break your I phone period
    Androids too need to go through a process to get this program to work
    Get the refund. This program does not work as advertised as ” no need to jailbreak your phone”
    I am very disappointed as well .

  12. Please help, I get no response ever.. The targets phone is a nokia lumina 521 windows phone and in your list of supported phones but when I go on targets phone and open my email from the targets phone, go to the attachment and click on it, it saysn not allowed, “search for app in store?” “you need to install an app for this task, would you like to search for one in the store?” Thats what it says and ive tried several things and ways.. I already paid for your service and was told if i cannot get it to install i would be refunded.. I’d rather you troubleshoot the issue and have your software work on the targets phone than get the refund but if this does not work I need to be refunded as promised.. I paid for your services on 4/6/14 and have not got a response on how to fix the issue or get refunded.. Please help! Thank you in advance for troubleshooting the problem and getting it to where i can install or refunding me my $49.95..

  13. I installed the Spymaster Pro on a rooted Galaxy s3. ( I only had one shot at doing this) I get nothing from Whatsapp, no photos, no mails, and no call recordings. The URL logs remains the same, but the date keep changing every day.I felt i was lied to. about the greatness of this program.

  14. I am desperately trying to install this on my daughters iPhone and having a heck of a time i need someone to answer my questions and I’m not getting any reply from support
    If someone would get back to me ASAP that would be great

    Thank you
    Simone Stiles

    • Hi Simone,

      How to install Spymaster pro on iPhone?
      1.) First thing you need to do is to jailbreak the iPhone.
      2.) Now the Cydia icon show up.
      3.) Click on the Cydia icon.
      4.) Click on Sources – Edit – Add.
      5.) Add link to download the Spymaster pro software.
      6.) Click on the Add Source.
      7.) Wait for the process to finish.
      8.) Click Return to Cyndia – Radio – Install – Confirm.
      9.) On your phone Radio button show up.
      10.) Click on Radio – Accept.
      11.) Now enter your Licensee key which you got with the purcase of the Spymaster pro software.
      12.) Click on verify button.
      13.) Restart iPhone.

      If you have any other question you can post it here.

      Technical Support Representative
      Phones Spy

      • I am trying to install the app but FanRag icon is shadowed and it doesn’t work. When I press on to the icon it goes to “waiting” status and stays like that forever…. Please help me to solve this problem…

      • Thanks. Finally I got the apk file sent. But tried downloading it then I was told to look for an app in play store. Why this long proces. Ur website says 2-4 minutes.

  15. Trying to install this on a nokia lumia 520 and it dont give me the option to choose that phone it only shows android blackberry and iphone I was told to use android and it wont install apk file.

    • Hi Chad Copelin,

      How to install Spymaster Pro:
      1.) Click on “Settings” – “Security” – “Unknown sources” and enable it.
      2.) Click on the Web Browser and go to your email.
      3.) Open the download link in the email.
      4.) Download the file “.apk”.
      5.) Click on .apk file and choose “Package Installer”.
      6.) Click on “Install” – “Done”.
      7.) The Spymaster Pro software is successfully installed and you are able to monitor target phone activities.

      Technical Support Representative
      Phones Spy

      • Hi Jeff, I have the same problem, but with Lumia 925. Can you provide me “step by step” instruction for Nokia Lumia, how to install this software. It would be great to use it.

      • I have purchase spymaster pro last Saturday & was able to register the targeted phone IMEI #. Afterwards I received an email with my login detail & a link to open on my targeted Nokia lumia 520. When i check my mail on my blackberry the link is active but when check on the targeted phone the link is not active. Can someone there help me on how to install this software on the targeted phone.

        Warm regards,


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