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Top 5 reasons why to buy XNSPY cell phone spy software

  • XNSPY is powerful control software that will provide you all advance features for monitoring and tracking target phone secret activities.
  • XNSPY features give you ability to get alerts, read emails, social network messages, view GPS and many more which makes him perfect for parents.
  • XNSPY is designed to be advance a hybrid software/service and it will provide you advance features for Recording Phone Calls and also smartphone surroundings.
  • XNSPY will upload all target phone secret activities to your secure online control panel and there is no way that someone will find out for that.
  • XNSPY software will provide you all monitored data instantly so you will be able to detect any harmful situations and put an end to it.

What is XNSPY?

XNSPY is a smartphone monitoring app, aimed at kids and employees. Once installed in the target device, it brings a remote access to your disposal, for accessing calls, SMS, and contacts etc. There are tons of features associated with this app. You can not only read SMS but also conversations made through IMs like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Skype and iMessage. Other features include:

Why would I use XNSPY?

XNSPY is perfect powerful software for all kind of spying and it shall help you to get rid of any concerns. Here are some most common uses of XNSPY software:

  • for kids,
  • for employees.


Today a mobile phone or tablet is a necessity for most adults. That enables them to be safe at all time. XNSPY software will help you protect your child from dangerous of smartphone or tablet activity.



Today businesses are largely rely on mobile technology. This leaves room for low productivity because employees visit social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter which can be distraction. Of course XNSPY also allows you to know where your employees are during work hours and it helps you to find out if and when employees access the information that you are trying to protect by using the custom keyword alert. XNSPY is perfect software for employers and that is confirmed by our customers.


XNSPY features

XNSPY software have many features:

  • A complete and superior GPS tracking device. It has three significant features; real-time location, location history and Geo-fencing. Where other claimants of monitoring apps can hardly even provide with a mere tracking experience, XNSPY’s tracking services are fully-functional and effective. The control panel on their webpage allows you to view the complete location history of the target user. Geo-fencing will make sure that your loved ones or employees are not trespassing into unauthorized areas, which you can mark on the map. With Alert notifications, you can’t miss the important details.
  • The app is also a great tool to monitor online activities. You can read emails sent or received. Even Gmail app is accessible with XNSPY. If browsing history of your kids worry you, track it with the app. Saved bookmarks can also been seen.
  • Call interception and ambient recorder are two distinct features. Recording calls can be very handy in certain situations. So can be the surroundings recorder. Whether you want to spy on your employees or kids at home, XNSPY is a great app.
  • Do u want to see calendar entries from the target device? Not a problem anymore with XNSPY.
  • Another feature you don’t want to miss on is the access to gallery. Photos, videos or audios saved on the phone’s memory can be retrieved with this powerful spy app.
  • It’s a target device’s remote control. There is a lot more than just accessing files from the target smartphone. You can control it! Lock the phone, wipe date over it or send certain commands.
  • Finally, there is a Watchlist. You can add all the important contacts, names, words and areas in the Watchlist. Whenever they will be used by the target user, an alert will be sent to the XNSPY’s control panel.


XNSPY compatibility

XNSPY is compatible with OS:

  • Android,
  • iPhone,

XNSPY is compatible with millions of Android and iOS devices. To know if your device is compatible, all you have to do is enter your smartphone model details into XNSPY’s compatibility page.

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How to install XNSPY?

The smartphone and tablet monitoring app requires only few minutes for installation, after you attain a physical access to the target device. Once done, you are good to start with monitoring right away. You will need a separate subscription for each device. As a general rule, one subscription is valid only for a single device. However, you can monitor as many devices as you want.

The software can be reinstalled on the target smartphone, if you have a valid membership. But remember, only one device will be supported under one license/subscription. The holder of the device has no prerogative or authority with the uninstallation. It’s only possible with your consent.
To uninstall the software, you can use customer support agents’ help for this purpose and they will guide you through the whole uninstallation process.

XNSPY customer support

TCustomer support agents are 24/7 available to sort out your fixes and issues. They can be contacted anytime in the week to provide you with support material and links to troubleshoot your problems.


To make sure that their customers make the most out of their software, XNSPY has compiled a wide array of frequently asked questions, which are answered precisely. Skim through the questions that are of interest to you and get your problems resolved within seconds. There are 5 categories:

  • General Questions.
  • Purchase-related questions.
  • Subscription-related questions.
  • Installation-related questions.
  • Functionality-related questions.


How does XNSPY work?

The software needs to be installed once in the target smartphone or tab. After that, you can check for data usage, location stats and all the aforementioned features through a remote control panel, either from your desktop or mobile Phone.
The app is 100% invisible and will not show up in the list of installed apps. Your iPhone needs to be jailbroken for XNSPY to work. For full features on Android devices, your phone or tab needs to be rooted e.g. for call interception. There is no limit on the amount of data uploaded on XNSPY’s control panel, so that you can enjoy unlimited storage.

How to Buy XNSPY?

Phone monitoring is just a few minutes away. All you have to do is choose a subscription plan and payment option. Account details and installation guide will be emailed to you immediately after you have placed the order. There are two editions and three subscription plans available:

  • Yearly: buy XNSPY for a year at $8.33/month for the basic edition and $12.49/month for the premium edition.
  • Quarterly: pay for a quarter at $18.99/month for the basic edition and $29.99/month for the premium edition
  • Monthly: get a month’s subscription for basic edition at $27.99/month and $44.99/month for the premium subscription.

If you want to monitor more than one device or tablet, you will have to buy separate subscription. The app can be installed multiple times, in case the phone is lost or stolen. You can upgrade your subscription before expiration. XNSPY has made sure that all of your credit card details are in safe hands. Your purchase details will not show up on your credit card bill as XNSPY but instead as Serfolet Ltd. The company also provides 100% refund within the 10-days of purchase.

Control Panel

There you can login to your secure NXSPY online account. When you want to view any monitored logs simply login from any computer or phone.

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